“Mira, Maya and I are so very grateful to have found Sam when we moved to Auckland. He is the piano teacher and role model I wished I’d found as a young girl. Mira and Maya looked forward to his weekly classes and I have watched him as he enthusiastically engages in each lesson with his students. Sam carries that X factor energy, his musical spirit, his kindness and patience has given my children a good foundation to different musical genre and the love for the instrument.” -Shai Nair

“20 years after my last piano lesson as a teenager, I decided to give it another go – and was lucky enough to find Sam. Unlike the teachers of my childhood, who were concerned mostly by wrong notes, Sam focussed on technique and musicality. His teaching was a revelation to me, and I thought “Ah… this is what music teaching is supposed to be!”. Sam’s broad musical knowledge and enthusiasm for the piano was truly inspiring, and I quickly gained a much deeper interest in my playing than I had ever had before. Thanks Sam for a very rewarding education!” -Daniel Bernasconi

“Sam was my piano teacher when I took up the piano as a mature student, never having touched a piano in my life. He was unfailingly patient, encouraging and courteous. My granddaughter watched one of my lessons and decided that she would like to learn the piano, so Sam ended up teaching her as well. One of his skills is his ability to relate to students of different ages and talents. My granddaughter really enjoyed her lessons and she found that an hour was never too long for her and certainly never boring. As well as his practical skills, Sam has a wealth of knowledge of music theory and he was always able to answer any of my questions and help with my theory exams. Overall, I am very happy to recommend Sam as a teacher of students of all ages and stages of music education.” -Owen Morgan

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