Lesson Fees

30 minute lesson – £40.00

60 minute lesson – £60.00

  • Lessons should be purchased in advance in blocks of four (or a block of six if taking the Six-Week Course For Beginners).
  • If, for example, you have two children taking 30 minute lessons one directly after the other it will be charged as if it were a single 60 minute lesson at £60.00.

Lessons take place either in your own home, or at an established rehearsal studio such as Jaques Samuel Pianos or Schott Music London.

Payment by Cheque, Cash or Electronic Transfer accepted.

You can discontinue lessons at any time and will be refunded any money paid in advance promptly.

Six-Week Course For Beginners:

Understanding Music: How Music Works is a six-week course designed specifically for those who never had the opportunity to take formal music lessons, but who always had an interest in music and want to learn how it is written and performed. Using the piano as a starting point, we learn the basics of melody, harmony and rhythm, explore concepts such as chords and chord progressions, and set about demystifying what music is. During the course you will learn to play some of your favourite songs, how to improvise and even have the opportunity to write your own compositions and songs. We can also cover the basic principles of singing (upon request).

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