Practice Tips


For any musician, the bulk of their music making time is going to be spent practising. Here are a few tips to help practice be as fun and enjoyable as it should be:

  1. Don’t just keep playing the bits you know how to play already, work on the bits that are difficult until they become easy. You will get great satisfaction from being able to play the challenging parts well, and you will progress much quicker.
  2. It’s better to practice for a shorter amount of time everyday, rather than one really long and fatiguing session once a week.
  3. When you become bored with practising a piece during a practice session, change to another piece you are working on to keep feeling fresh and inspired by the music.
  4. Make sure your practice environment is tidy and quiet. This will help with concentration. Try to remove any distractions while you are practising.
  5. If you know someone who plays another instrument (or even piano) it is fun to make music with others and it can be really beneficial to play together and learn from each other. This also helps give variety to practice during the week and I will be able to suggest good pieces for almost any combination of instruments.
  6. You may want to try writing your own music during a practice session. This is challenging but some people find they have a real knack for it and enjoy it. I can help with techniques on how to write music down and where to get ideas from, as well as the music theory side of composition.

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